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About Matrix Enviro

Matrix Laboratories for Scientific Services and Environmental Consultations incorporated in 2006.Matrix is a laboratory for environmental analysis, which provides customers with a comprehensive range of analytical testing, consulting, and field sampling services.
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Our Analysis

Analysis of Drinking water, Industrial, agricultural and manicipal wastewater, Soil analysis, Packaged or Fresh food analysis, Body fluids, Disclosure of the diseases related to humans through genetic techniques PCR Bouhd of molecular biology, Virus detection and dead bacteria and Bacteriological Analysis
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Our Services

Scientific Consultation for each analytical area, Training students of science , agriculture , pharmacy ,human and veterinary medicine faculties on modern methods of analysis, training courses, Performing Master and PHD Scientific researches in all Lab. fields as : Water, Soil, Molecular biology and Microbiology.

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The collection of environmental samples. As Ground Water Sampling, Influent and Effluent Sampling, Soil, Waste Pile Sampling and Compositing Stream Sampling, Potable Water Sampling nad Municipal Sampling. Field Measurements: pH, Temperature, Specific Conductance, ORP, DO, and Flow

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Soil Analysis

Analysis of each (mechanical properties of the soil, chemical properties of the major and minor elements and nutrients and undesired elements like heavy metals)
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Food Analysis

Analysis of all food ingredients like Sugars, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Fiber and Salts. Application of all Egyptian food specifications chemically and micro-biologically.
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