• Matrix Laboratories for Scientific Services and Environmental Consultations incorporated in 2006. Matrix is an environmental testing laboratory that provides its clientele with a comprehensive range of analytical testing’ consulting’ and field sampling services. 

    Matrix Laboratory is the 1st private laboratory in Egypt specialized in industrial, environmental as Water, Wastewater, Air, soil and food analysis for these Purposes. Matrix is enquired by the most developed instruments used.

    We are a national testing and advisory laboratory associated with various Chemical’ Biological’ and Environmental Hazards that are either present or emanating into’ around or out of our client’s facilities. Today’ our client base extends into multiple industrial classifications include natural gas and oil drilling companies, industrial facilities, health care facilities, municipalities, engineering firms, research centers, private and general public. 

    The mission of Matrix is to provide top quality and legally defensible analytical data in a timely and efficient manner to its customers. Matrix’s vision is to be recognized as a leader in achieving technical excellence and to be its customers’ best resource. To this end’ the management is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in every aspect of Matrix’s operations. Matrix strives to maintain the highest quality of service by routine training, keeping abreast of the latest technological advances, and updating analytical instrumentation on a regular basis.

    Matrix Laboratory managed and controlled by the best elements and experiences interested with that field. It is a pleasure to inform you that we able to receive all collected samples from different sites to perform all parameter required for complete chemical and bacteriological analysis. The Lab is responsible to send reports within few days and also have the facility of delivery by air or delegate’s car. 

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