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    Wheat as a science

    There is a great deal of research into the subject of flour and flour improvement throughout the world. Here we document important research findings by well-known scientists from Canada, the USA, Singapore, Australia, the Netherlands and Germany for your use. The selection of contributions is updated regularly.

    Convenient Solutions – Premixes and Complete Mixes

    by Dr. Gerald Plasch, Bingen

    The following paper gives an insight into a product group that has done much to bring variety and attractiveness to the range of bread and other baked products throughout the world, while at the same time making the production of the baked items more reliable and efficient: we are talking about premixes and complete mixes (ready-mixed flours).

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    The Miller's Little Helpers

    By Dr. Lutz Popper, Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG

    The paper deals with the “rheology of dough as a function of flour treatment” and describes the rheological optimum. It shows how the addition of enzymes enhances the quality of baked products.

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    We regard ourselves as consultants to the milling industry

    Interview with Mühlenchemie’s managers Stefan Schliesser and Lennart Kutschinski, World Grain 2004

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    There's real power in Powerzym

    Interview with Dr. Lutz Popper, BestFlours No. 8

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